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Dispatches from the Abyss I

Reading Infinite Jest Despite my admiration for David Foster Wallace as a writer, I figured I would never read Infinite Jest.  I’d read collections of his stories and essays, and didn’t think I could take his intensity at such length (1079 pp. in my paperback).  I’m a ploddingly slow reader, and figured a book like … Continue reading Dispatches from the Abyss I

Seeker on Steroids

Waking the Buddha: How the Most Dynamic and Empowering Buddhist Movement in History Is Changing Our Concept of Religion by Clark Strand. Middleway Press. 184 pp. $14.95 As long as I have known Clark Strand, he has been searching for—and repeatedly finding—the ideal spiritual practice, and writing a book about it that he thought would … Continue reading Seeker on Steroids