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Black Boys Looking Blue

South to a Very Old Place, Stomping the Blues, The Blue Devils of Nada, From the Briarpatch File from Collected Essays & Memoirs by Albert Murray.  The Library of America.  1049 pp.  $45.00. Moonlight, a film by Barry Jenkins, with Mahershala Ali, Duan Sanderson, Naomie Harris. ***** I haven’t finished the last few pieces from … Continue reading Black Boys Looking Blue

The World Needs Healing

A Buddhist Reads the Bible: Gospel of Mark from the New Revised Standard Version. Oxford University Press. (This is my second piece on the Gospel of Mark, reading it not as a Buddhist or Christian but just an interested reader; the first piece is here.  I’ll blunder along at my snail-like pace until I finish.) It … Continue reading The World Needs Healing

Back from the Dead

Reflections on Rohatsu Sesshin Why am I doing this? comes up sooner or later on sesshin, usually by the fourth or fifth afternoon, when I’m bone weary, blinking back sleep, the winter daylight starting to wane—that melancholy moment—and I’m staring at the wall without much focus or resolve.  Why am I doing this?  I sit … Continue reading Back from the Dead

My First Teacher Was a Rabbi

A Buddhist Reads the Bible: the Gospel of Mark from the New Revised Standard Version.  Oxford University Press. Various things are conspiring to make me read the Bible, which I last read—a rather thorough reading—in 1966-7, when I was a freshman at Duke.  At a recent sesshin, I did dokusan with Shohaku Okumura and he … Continue reading My First Teacher Was a Rabbi