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Notes on a Remark by Elmore Leonard

How He Gave Up Booze and Learned to Relax “By then I was in AA and perhaps not taking myself so seriously.  I do think my writing began to improve at this time, mainly because I wasn’t taking the writing so seriously, either.  I learned to relax and not think of it as writing.” One … Continue reading Notes on a Remark by Elmore Leonard

Going Dutch

Fifty-Two Pickup, Swag from Four Novels of the 1970’s by Elmore Leonard.  Library of America.  808 pp.  $37.50 Elmore Leonard wrote great—I would almost say groundbreaking—dialogue, but the rest of his writing was ordinary, even pedestrian.  Let’s the opening of Fifty-Two Pickup. “He could not get used to going to the girl’s apartment.  He would … Continue reading Going Dutch

And Gets Back Up Again

Empire Falls by Richard Russo.  Vintage.  483 pp. $16.95. **** Richard Russo has done it again, written a book where I was full of a kind of mild admiration through the first half, seeing how he had set up an interesting situation, sketched in some sympathetic characters, done some writing that was mildly humorous, then … Continue reading And Gets Back Up Again

Man’s Search for Meaning

While Life Goes On All Around When spiritual pilgrims went to visit the great Indian saint Vimala Thakar and unexpectedly got to see her, they asked her the purpose of life.  “To live,” she said. A Zen Master couldn’t have said it better. When I was in high school I read—with what I remember as … Continue reading Man’s Search for Meaning