Welcome to the site where I share my most recent writing. I'm delighted that you've wandered into my place and hope you'll stay a while. I only wish I could offer you a beer.

The Mystery of Being

This is the piece that inspired me to create a website in the first place, a long ongoing essay on the religious questions that have obsessed me since I was a child. I wrote the first version in the summer of 2014, but have added to it since, and expect to continue as long as I'm writing. The questions keep coming.


Morning Mind

I have always loved the personal essay; it is the one form I have kept returning to throughout my life as a writer. These are my most recent ones. Some are earlier takes on subjects I address in The Mystery of Being. Others concern family matters. I expect to add to these from time to time as new subjects arise.

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Evening Mind

Evening is the time for reading; at least that's always been true in my life. It's also a good time to go to the movies. I'm not interested in a conventional blog, with details of my daily life, but I love reading about good books to read, good movies to see. That's what I'll write about here, in what will be the most active section of the website.

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